Radiopharmacy (SPE152)

Work-based learning outcomes

  1. Obtain a detailed knowledge of the quality system used in radiopharamaceutical production, including production facilities and radiopharmaceutical quality control
  2. Advise on best practice in the use of a radionuclide calibrator
  3. Apply radiation safety practice and regulatory compliance in the context of a radiopharmacy
Number Work-based learning outcome Title Knowledge
1 1,3

Advise colleagues on the use of radiopharmaceuticals

2 1,3

Access sources of information on the design requirements for the production  of radiopharmaceuticals

3 3

Critically review environmental and personal monitoring including which tests are performed and frequency of testing

4 1,3

Comply with relevant quality assurance requirements associated with radiopharmaceuticals

5 2

Perform commissioning tests on radionuclide calibrators

6 2

Perform periodic quality control tests on radionuclide calibrators and recommend procedures for optimisation of  measurements

7 2

Use radionuclide calibrators for the measurement of therapeutic activities of radionuclides

8 3

Review compliance of radiopharmacy procedures against relevant radiation regulations and guidance

You must complete
1 Case-based discussion(s)
1 of the following DOPS / OCEs
Assessment Title Type
Perform a molybdenum breakthrough test and analyse the result DOPS
Perform a Chemical purity test and analyse the result DOPS
Perform a linearity measurement on a Radionuclide calibrator DOPS
Set up a radionuclide calibrator to measure I 123 using a copper filter. DOPS
Advise colleagues in the use of a Radionuclide calibrator OCE
Explain to colleagues the principle of a molybdenum generator OCE
Discuss the precautions required in the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals in the radiopharmacy. OCE
Elute a Tc-99m generator DOPS