Patient Dose Assessment and Optimisation (SPE155)

Work-based learning outcomes

  1. Audit patient doses for a range of examinations
  2. Undertake an assessment of patient dose and image quality in a complex imaging system and propose optimisation strategies
  3. Perform appropriate measurements and/or calculations to assess patient dose for a range of examinations, which must include examples from radiographic, fluoroscopic, Computed Tomography and mammographic examinations
  4. Analyse patient dose measurements and, in the context of optimisation, draw conclusions
  5. Assess, by simulation and/or measurement, patient dose reduction interventions
  6. Calculate organ dose and effective dose, relate dose to risk and effectively communicate the risk
Number Work-based learning outcome Title Knowledge
1 1

Review and critically appraise the patient dose measurement framework

2 1

Carry out an audit of patient dose looking at factors that influence the results, eg equipment, operators

3 2

Undertake measurements of patient dose/image quality in complex imaging systems

4 3,5

Review the outcome of patient dose/image quality measurements in a range of modalities and recommend optimisation strategies Assess by simulation or measurement the effect of the optimisation suggested

5 3

Calculate patient doses for plain film radiography for a range of common clinical examinations

6 3

Calculate patient doses for women who have had mammography X-ray imaging

7 3

Calculate patient doses for patients who have had Computed Tomography X-ray imaging

8 4

Develop local Diagnostic Reference Levels based on patient dose calculations

9 3,6

Calculate organ and effective doses for a range of examinations in different modalities, including nuclear medicine

10 4,6

Assist with the explanation of the significance of the results of a patient dose audit and make recommendations for action to reduce doses where appropriate

11 4

Investigate the circumstances of an unusual patient dose

12 4,6

Communicate actual and potential risks from patient exposures, in context, to other healthcare professionals and members of the public

13 4

Participate in a dose and risk assessment for a research exposure, taking into account age, sex and life expectancy

You must complete
2 Case-based discussion(s)
1 of the following DOPS / OCEs
Assessment Title Type
Undertake CTDIw measurement DOPS
Measure the image quality for a mammography unit using a variety of test objects DOPS
Assess image quality for a diagnostic X-ray machine using a simple test object DOPS
Undertake entrance surface dose measurements for a fluoroscopy system DOPS
Analyse and interpret data from a multislice CT phantom DOPS
Use a commerically available software program to calculate a patient dose DOPS
Measure the image quality in fluoroscopy and acqusition modes at varying pulse / frame rates on an image intensifier or flat panel screening system DOPS
Explain CTDIw meaurement to a clinical team member OCE
Present patient dose data to a multidisciplinary audience OCE
Discuss optimisation strategies with users and the installer during commissioning of diagnostic X-ray equipment OCE
Calculate a patient dose for external radiation exposure and discuss the dose and risk with the patient OCE
Calculate patient dose for internal radiation exposure and discuss the dose and risk with the patient where possible. OCE
Train Nuclear Medicine staff to communicate radiation risks to patients OCE