Laser and Ultraviolet Equipment (SPE155)

Work-based learning outcomes

  1. Identify an appropriate monitor that has a suitable sensitivity, range of use and in-date calibration
  2. Perform experiments to reduce uncertainty
  3. Provide recommendations on non-ionising radiation use based on measured output and published recommendations
  4. Interpret the readings of monitors and detectors
Number Work-based learning outcome Title Knowledge
1 1

Carry out an inter-comparison of non-ionising  radiation monitors

2 1,2,3,4

Perform QA and safety of Ultraviolet systems, including eyewear

3 3

Perform QA and safety assessments of a laser in clinical use

4 4

Calculate nominal ocular hazard distance (NOHD) and advise on suitable eye protection

You must complete
1 Case-based discussion(s)
1 of the following DOPS / OCEs
Assessment Title Type
Audit of clinical laser facilities DOPS
Measurement of laser output DOPS
Calculate NOHD for a clinical laser DOPS
Measure the output from a blue light therapy unit DOPS
Measure the output from a diathermy unit DOPS
Measure the output from a lithotriptor DOPS
Calibrate a thermal imager DOPS
Deliver a talk on laser or UV safety OCE