Assess, Audit and Interpret Radiation Dose Monitoring (SPE156)

Work-based learning outcomes

  1. Audit and interpret environmental radiation monitoring results
  2. Audit and interpret staff dosimetry and workplace monitoring results
  3. Undertake radiological impact assessments
  4. Assess radiation doses to members of the public
Number Work-based learning outcome Title Knowledge
1 1,2

Plan and carry out environmental monitoring around a designated radiation area and assess any implications for staff, patients and/or public

2 1,2

Determine a projected dose over a suitable period of time, taking into account likely occupancy of areas where there is an exposure risk

3 1,2

Assess potential doses from the use of sealed and unsealed sources and methods of ensuring safe practices

4 3

Critically appraise the framework for controlling radioactive materials using best available techniques

5 1,3

Assess the radiological impact of radioactive waste disposal

6 2

Identity the groups of staff, including vulnerable groups, eg pregnant staff, who are likely to be exposed to radiation arising from a procedure and decide on appropriate system of dose assessment

7 2

Review and critically appraise the personal dosimetry framework for the staff groups identified

8 2

Make recommendations with regard to routine dose monitoring, personal protection, classification and dose reduction

9 2

Review results of routine personal monitoring and investigate an abnormal result

10 4

Identify types of radiation likely to be involved in any exposure to the public, determine the means of assessment and make dose assessments  where applicable

11 4

Communicate actual and potential risks from radiation, in context, to other healthcare professionals and members of the public

You must complete
2 Case-based discussion(s)
1 of the following DOPS / OCEs
Assessment Title Type
Carry out an environmental radiation survey DOPS
Perform contamination monitoring and decontamination in Nuclear Medicine DOPS
Measure of radiation dose from a radioactive source DOPS
Undertake dose rate measurements in radioactive stores DOPS
Undertake transport index assessment DOPS
Measure activation products in radiotherapy DOPS
Use a (commerically available) software program to calculate a patient dose DOPS
Undertake Nuclear Medicine calibrator QA DOPS
Audit of X-ray facilities DOPS
Audit a radioactive waste management system DOPS
Audit and test engineering controls for a linear accelerator bunker DOPS
Audit PET or Nuclear Medicine facilities DOPS
Calibrate a contamination monitor DOPS
Undertake an ionisation chamber calibration or intercomparison DOPS
Perform dose rate meter calibration or intercomparison DOPS
Undertake Passive environmental dosimeter calibration or intercomparison DOPS
Communicate actual and potential risks from radiation, in context, to other healthcare professionals and members of the public. OCE
Discuss the outcomes of an audit with other healthcare professionals and agree an action plan OCE