EEG in the Intensive Care Setting (SPS222)

Work-based learning outcomes

  1. Plan, prepare and perform EEG recordings in an intensive care setting, siting electrodes using recommended placement system, including any modifications due to the nature of the patient
  2. Report on a range of EEGs recorded from patients in ICU, for example status epilepticus, anoxic/hypoxic brain injury
Number Work-based learning outcome Title Knowledge
1 1

Control infection risks in accordance with departmental and intensive care protocols

2 1

Minimise risks and hazards in compliance with health and safety policies

3 1

Plan and prepare for EEG recordings in the intensive care setting

4 1

Explain the procedure for the investigation as appropriate to the intensive care setting

5 1

Gain consent for each type of investigation

6 1

Record an EEG on the unconscious patient in the intensive care setting, identifying and rectifying the non- pathological features and recognising the common EEG features observed in intensive care recordings (eg burst suppression)

7 2

Factually report the recorded EEG, recognising the effects of sedation, and evaluate the findings in the clinical context of the intensive care patient

You must complete
3 Case-based discussion(s)
2 of the following DOPS / OCEs
Assessment Title Type
Prepare unconscious patient for EEG recording DOPS
Record EEG in the unconscious patient DOPS
Perform EEG recording during the administration of medication DOPS
Undertake stimulation of the unconscious patient DOPS
Analyse an EEG recording and produce a factual report DOPS
Conduct an infection control and health and safety assessment appropriate to the investigation DOPS
Obtain patient history OCE
Measure head in accordance with local protocol OCE
Apply electrodes/transducers in accordance with local protocol OCE
Stimulate patient in accordance with local protocol OCE
Accurately annoated drug administrative and observed changes in patient and their EEG activity OCE
Remove electrodes/transducers in accordance with local protocols OCE
Gain appropriate consent for patient lacking capacity OCE
Conform to appropriate local procedures in place in ITU OCE