Clinical Bioinformatics - Physical Sciences (2017)

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Clinical Bioinformatics - Physical Sciences (HBI1-2-20)


Code Title #
HBI105 Clinical Computing Systems Management View
HBI106 Regulatory Frameworks View
HBI107 Risk Management and Clinical Computing Safety View
HBI108 Applied Health Informatics View
HBI110 Data Management View
HBI111 Data Science View
HBI112 Debates and Controversies in Clinical Bioinformatics View
HBI113 Integration of Specialist Scientific Software In and For Health and Social Care View
HBI114 Software Engineering and Coding Skills in Health and Social Care View
HBI115 Translational Research View
HPE102 Medical Statistics for Medical Physics View
Code Title #
HBI127 Advanced Development and Management Environments View
HBI128 Advanced Modelling and Simulation View
HBI129 Applying Clinical Bioinformatics in the Physical Sciences View
HBI130 Expert Practice View
HBI131 Quality, Standards and Legislation View
HBI132 Strategy, Policy and Collaborative Frameworks View
HCC22 Innovation in Healthcare Science View

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