Clinical Biochemistry (2017)

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Clinical Biochemistry (HLS1-1-20)


Code Title #
HLS003 Health and safety in clinical biochemistry practice View
HLS004 Laboratory competences Analytical techniques and instrumentation View
HLS005 Laboratory competences Evaluation of an analytical method View
HLS006 Clinical governance and audit competences View
HLS007 Competencies in the clinical biochemistry of disease View
HLS008 Introduction to clinical biochemistry View
HLS009 Clinical Biochemistry Analytical techniques and instrumentation View
HLS010 Clinical Biochemistry Competencies in the interpretation of laboratory data 1 View
HLS011 Clinical Biochemistry Evaluation of an analytical method View
Code Title #
HCC321 Research, development and innovation View
HCC322 Training and education View
HCC323 Leadership and management View
HLS109 Laboratory management competencies View
HLS117 Generic aspects View
HLS118 Biological variability View
HLS119 Gastrointestinal tract View
HLS120 Liver View
HLS121 Urogenital tract View
HLS122 Gas transport and H metabolism View
HLS123 Water and electrolytes View
HLS124 Proteins View
HLS125 Lipids View
HLS126 Cardiovascular system View
HLS127 Diabetes mellitus and glucose View
HLS128 Endocrinology adult and paediatric View
HLS129 Calcium, magnesium, bone View
HLS130 Nutrition View
HLS131 Haemoglobin and porphyrias View
HLS132 Enzymology View
HLS133 Genetics and molecular biology View
HLS134 Pregnancy View
HLS135 Newborn View
HLS136 Childhood View
HLS137 Inherited metabolic disorders View
HLS138 Neuromuscular system View
HLS139 Cancer View
HLS140 Metabolic response View
HLS141 Therapeutic drug monitoring and toxicology View
HLS142 Competencies in clinical care View
HLS143 Competencies in the interpretation of laboratory data 2 View

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