Haematology (Haemostasis and thrombosis) (2017)

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Haematology (Haemostasis and thrombosis) (HLS1-2-1-20)


Code Title #
HLS020 Introduction to haematology View
HLS021 Laboratory haematology View
HLS022 Health and safety in haematology practice View
HLS023 Anaemia View
HLS024 Acute leukaemia View
HLS025 Chronic leukaemia View
HLS026 Myeloma View
HLS027 Congenital coagulation disorders View
HLS028 Thrombophilia View
HLS029 Anticoagulation View
HLS030 Acquired bleeding disorders View
HLS031 Bone marrow failure syndromes 1 View
HLS032 Haemoglobinopathy View
HLS033 Myeloproliferative disorders View
HLS034 Transfusion medicine View
HLS035 Haematology relating to other medical specialities and communication skills View
HLS036 Lymphoma 1 View
HLS037 Platelet disorders 1 View
Code Title #
HCC320 Developing independent professional practice View
HCC321 Research, development and innovation View
HCC322 Training and education View
HCC323 Leadership and management View
HLS150 Haematology Blood transfusion View
HLS153 Haemostatic pathways and principles of coagulation View
HLS154 General laboratory investigation View
HLS155 Bleeding disorders haemophilia A and haemophilia B View
HLS156 Bleeding disorders Von Willebrand disease View
HLS157 Other bleeding disorders View
HLS158 Thrombotic disorders View
HLS159 Anticoagulant therapy and prophylaxis View
HLS160 Haematological malignancy View
HLS175 Molecular diagnostics -Haemostasis and thrombosis: View
HLS177 Platelet disorders 2 View

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