Clinical Immunology (2017)

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Clinical Immunology (HLS1-3-20)


Code Title #
HLS012 Allergy 1 View
HLS013 Autoimmunity 1 View
HLS014 Basic and theoretical skills 1 View
HLS015 Health and safety in immunology practice View
HLS016 Lymphoid malignancy 1 View
HLS017 Primary immune deficiency 1 View
HLS018 Therapeutics 1 View
HLS019 Laboratory skills 1 View
Code Title #
HCC320 Developing independent professional practice View
HCC321 Research, development and innovation View
HCC322 Training and education View
HCC323 Leadership and management View
HLS144 Allergy 2 View
HLS145 Basic and theoretical skills 2 View
HLS146 Laboratory skills 2 View
HLS147 Lymphoid malignancy 2 View
HLS148 Primary immune deficiency 2 View
HLS149 Therapeutics 2 View
HLS184 Autoimmunity 2 View

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