Microbiology (2017)

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Microbiology (HLS2-1-20)


Code Title #
HLS210 Antimicrobial chemotherapy View
HLS211 Clinical presentation and management of infection View
HLS212 Health and safety in microbiological and virological practice View
HLS213 Laboratory aspects of microbiology and virology View
HLS214 The role of microbiology and virology in infection prevention and control View
Code Title #
HLS229 Antimicrobials View
HLS230 Virology View
HLS231 Mycology View
HLS232 Parasitology View
HLS234 Hospital acquired infection and infection control and prevention View
HLS235 Infection management infection in the community View
HLS236 Presentation and management of sexually transmitted infections STI and other infections of the reproductive system View
HLS237 Food water borne and animal associated infection View
HLS238 Health protection and epidemiology View
HLS239 Outbreaks of infection in hospital and the community View
HLS240 Occupational health and infection View
HLS242 Supraregional reference laboratory attachment View
HLS244 Anti microbial susceptibility View
HLS245 Exotic and dangerous infections View
HLS246 Virology attachment in a specialist virology laboratory virus reference laboratory View
HLS247 Developing subspecialty skills View
HLS254 Presentation and Management of Bone and Joint infections View
HLS255 Presentation and Management of Cardiovascular Infections View
HLS256 Molecular Pathology of Infection Presentation and Management of Infections in Immune Compromised Patients View
HLS257 Presentation and Management of Infections in Neonates and Children View
HLS258 Presentation and Management of Infections in Pregnancy View
HLS259 Presentation and Management of Ophthalmic Infections View
HLS260 Presentation and Management of Urinary Tract Infections View

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