Reproductive Science (2017)

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Reproductive Science (HLS3-1-20)


Code Title #
HLS312 Laboratory aspects of reproductive science View
HLS313 Regulation, health and safety in the practice of reproductive science View
HLS314 Biological basis of reproduction and fertility View
HLS315 Clinical aspects of reproductive science View
HLS316 The role of cryopreservation View
Code Title #
HCC320 Developing independent professional practice View
HCC321 Research, development and innovation View
HCC322 Training and education View
HCC323 Leadership and management View
HLS340 Presentation and management of female infertility View
HLS341 Presentation and management of male infertility View
HLS342 Presentation and management of disease and causes of infertility View
HLS343 Presentation and management of genetics of reproductive science View
HLS344 Presentation and management of gamete procurement View
HLS345 Presentation and management of fertility preservation View
HLS346 Presentation and management of infertility treatment View
HLS347 Presentation and management of outcomes of ART View
HLS348 Presentation and management of introduction of new technologies and techniques View
HLS349 Effective communication where there are barriers to understanding View
HLS350 Effective communication regarding media and publication View
HLS351 Effective communication with multidisciplinary colleagues View
HLS352 Effective communication with all patient groups and donors View
HLS353 Effective communication with regulators and medico legal representatives View
HLS354 Effective communication to recommend individualised treatment strategies View
HLS355 Oogenesis View
HLS356 Spermatogenesis View
HLS357 Fertilisation View
HLS358 Pre implantation development View
HLS359 Implantation View
HLS360 Early pregnancy View
HLS361 Complications of ART View
HLS362 Screening and diagnosis of genetic conditions in ART View
HLS363 Equipment and safety View
HLS364 Principles of cryopreservation View
HLS365 Implications for treatment View
HLS366 Consent, statute and risk analysis View

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