Genetics (2017)

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Genetics (HLS4-1-20)


Code Title #
HLS410 Core genetics and biology View
HLS411 Laboratory aspects of genetics View
HLS412 Health and safety in genetics practice View
HLS413 Clinical knowledge View
HLS414 Statistics and bioinformatics View
Code Title #
HCC320 Developing independent professional practice View
HCC321 Research, development and innovation View
HCC322 Training and education View
HCC323 Leadership and management View
HLS420 Prenatal screening and diagnosis of genetic conditions and Biology of pregnancy View
HLS421 Paediatric genetics including dysmorphology excluding cancer View
HLS422 Cardiac genetics View
HLS423 Neurological genetics View
HLS424 Endocrinological genetics including DSD View
HLS425 Dermatological genetics excluding cancer View
HLS426 Clinical genetics View
HLS427 Genetics of cancer medicine constitutional View
HLS428 Genetics of cancer medicine acquired excluding leukaemia and lymphoma View
HLS429 Genetics of haematological malignancies leukaemia and lymphoma View

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