Imaging Physics (2017)

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Imaging Physics (HPE1-2-20)


Code Title #
HBI106 Regulatory Frameworks View
HPE100 Clinical and Scientific Computing View
HPE101 Medical Equipment Management MPE View
HPE102 Medical Statistics for Medical Physics View
HPE103 Patient Care Pathways View
HPE104 Quality, Safety, Improvement and Audit View
HPE106 Risk Management and Medical Equipment Safety View
Code Title #
HCC20 Clinical Bioinformatics, Genomics and Personalised Medicine View
HCC21 Doctoral Level Research View
HCC22 Innovation in Healthcare Science View
HCC24 Patient and Public Involvement, Engagement and Partnership in Healthcare and Healthcare Science View
HCC25 Science Communication View
HCC26 Teaching, Learning and Assessment View
HPE107 Assessment of Image Quality View
HPE108 Clinical Applications of Medical Imaging Technologies for Imaging Physics View
HPE109 Non Ionising Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Advice View
HPE110 Optimisation in Imaging with Ionising Radiation MPE View
HPE111 Optimisation in Imaging with Non Ionising Radiation MPE View
HPE112 Radiation Protection in Imaging View
HPE113 Advanced Brachytherapy Techniques View
HPE114 Advanced Computing Techniques View
HPE115 Ionising Radiations Instrumentation Specialisation View
HPE116 Laser, Ultraviolet and Artificial Optical Radiation Protection Advice View
HPE117 Mathematical Techniques in Medical Imaging View
HPE118 Novel and Specialised External Beam Radiotherapy View
HPE119 Novel Imaging Techniques View
HPE120 Radiation Protection Advice View
HPE121 Radioactive Materials, Waste and Transport Advice View
HPE122 Radiopharmaceuticals and Radiopharmacy View
HPE123 Targeted Radionuclide Therapy View
HPE126 Dosimetry MPE View
HPE127 Health Technology Assessment View
HPE130 Science and Technology in Healthcare Organisations View
HPE131 Strategic Role in Managing Medical Equipment View

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