Vascular Science (2017)

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Vascular Science (HPS1-2-20)


Code Title #
HPS125 Advanced History Taking Vascular Science View
HPS126 Medical and Surgical Management of Vascular Disease View
HPS129 The Public Health Impact of Vascular Disease View
HPS130 Therapeutics in Vascular Science View
HPS131 Vascular Assessment of Cerebrovascular Disease View
HPS132 Vascular Assessment of Peripheral Arterial Disease View
HPS133 Vascular Assessment of Venous Disease View
Code Title #
HCC20 Clinical Bioinformatics, Genomics and Personalised Medicine View
HCC22 Innovation in Healthcare Science View
HCC24 Patient and Public Involvement, Engagement and Partnership in Healthcare and Healthcare Science View
HCC25 Science Communication View
HPS176 Advances in Scientific and Clinical Practice View
HPS177 Community Vascular Science View
HPS178 Current Debates and Controversies in Vascular Science View
HPS179 Endo Vascular Aortic Repair Assessment and Surveillance View
HPS180 Evidence Based Practice View
HPS181 Haemodialysis Access and Reconstructive Surgery Assessment View
HPS184 Mesenteric, Hepatic and Renal Vascular Assessment View
HPS185 Paediatric Vascular Disease View

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