Respiratory & Sleep Physiology (Paediatric) (2017)

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Respiratory & Sleep Physiology (Paediatric) (HPS1-3-2-20)


Code Title #
HPS118 Advanced History Taking and Clinical Examination R and S View
HPS119 Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Microbiology and Pharmacology View
HPS123 The Role of Chest X Ray in Respiratory Physiology View
Code Title #
HCC22 Innovation in Healthcare Science View
HCC24 Patient and Public Involvement, Engagement and Partnership in Healthcare and Healthcare Science View
HCC25 Science Communication View
HPE315 Computing, Clinical Bioinformatics, Genomics and Personalised Medicine View
HPS149 Advanced Lung Function Testing View
HPS150 Antibiotic Therapy Challenge Testing View
HPS151 Arterial Blood Gases View
HPS152 Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing View
HPS153 Diagnosis of non respiratory related sleep disorders RS View
HPS154 Diagnosis of respiratory related sleep disorders View
HPS155 Long Term Oxygen Therapy View
HPS156 Non Invasive Ventilation Management View
HPS157 Non Positive Airway Pressure PAP therapy for the treatment of respiratory related sleep disorders View
HPS158 Positive Airway Pressure PAP therapy for the treatment of respiratory related sleep disorders View
HPS159 Presentation and Management of Asthma View
HPS160 Presentation and Management of Breathlessness View
HPS161 Presentation and Management of Bronchiectasis View
HPS162 Presentation and Management of COPD View
HPS163 Presentation and Management of Cough View
HPS164 Presentation and Management of Interstitial Lung Disease ILD View
HPS165 Presentation and Management of Other Respiratory Diseases View
HPS166 Presentation and Management of Pulmonary Vascular Diseases View
HPS167 Presentation and Management of Sleep Disordered Breathing View
HPS168 Pulmonary Shunt Investigation View
HPS169 Respiratory Diagnostics in Paediatrics View
HPS172 Respiratory Therapeutics in Paediatrics View
HPS173 Sleep Diagnostics in Paediatrics View
HPS174 Sleep Therapeutics in Paediatrics View

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