Module - Research Methods (SCC120)


Aim of this module

The overall aim of this module is to ensure that the trainee has the knowledge, skills and experience of the role of research, development and innovation in the NHS in improving patient care, including prevention, diagnostics,  treatment and service delivery. On completion of this module and the research project, trainees should be able to generate ideas; assess, plan, conduct, evaluate, interpret and report research and innovation projects, which includes original research; and disseminate the findings and, where appropriate, the adoption of the findings. Trainees should also be able to use research to improve practice.

Work-based learning outcomes

  1. Undertake an evidence-based literature review, critically appraise the output, draw appropriate conclusions and report the findings, and where appropriate, use the findings to inform a research project. 
  2. Identify, discuss and critically evaluate a research, innovation or audit project that has resulted in an improvement in patient care, diagnostics or service delivery. 

Work-based Competencies

Learning outcome Title Knowledge

Work-based assessment

Complete 0 Case-Based Discussion(s)
Complete 0 of the following DOPS and/or OCEs
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