Clinical Microbiology (2021)


Code Title Credits
SCC110 Introduction to Healthcare Science, Professional Practice and Clinical Leadership 20 Compulsory
SCC121 Elective Module 0 Compulsory
SCC120 Research Methods 10 Compulsory
SCC123 Research Project 60 Compulsory
Code Title Credits
SLS200 Introduction to Clinical Bacteriology 10 Compulsory
SLS201 Introduction to Clinical Virology 10 Compulsory
SLS202 Molecular Pathology in Infection Sciences 10 Compulsory
SLS203 Epidemiology and Health Protection 10 Compulsory
Code Title Credits
SLS220 Infectious Disease in the Community and Hospital Setting 10 Compulsory
SLS221 Antimicrobial Therapy 10 Compulsory
SLS222 High Risk Groups 10 Compulsory
SLS223 Mycology and Parasitology 10 Compulsory
SLS224 Public Health Worldwide Implications for Clinical Microbiology 10 Compulsory
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