Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences (2021)


Code Title Credits
SCC110 Introduction to Healthcare Science, Professional Practice and Clinical Leadership 20 Compulsory
SCC121 Elective Module 0 Compulsory
SCC120 Research Methods 10 Compulsory
SCC123 Research Project 60 Compulsory
Code Title Credits
SPE200 Quality Assurance and Quality Control 1 10 Compulsory
SPE201 Aseptic Services 1 10 Compulsory
SPE202 Production 1 10 Compulsory
SPE203 Radiopharmacy 1 10 Compulsory
Code Title Credits
SPE221 Production 2 10 Compulsory
SPE222 Quality Assurance and Quality Control 2 10 Compulsory
SPE223 Radiopharmacy 2 15 Compulsory
SPE220 Aseptic Services 2 15 Compulsory
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