Elective Module (SCC121)

0 credits

Aim of this module

The aim of the elective period is to facilitate wider experience of healthcare and/or the practice of Healthcare Science in a cultural and/or clinical setting that is different from the usual training environment. This may involve healthcare or Healthcare Science in a different area of the health service, or in pursuit of a particular clinical or research interest.

The elective period can be taken any time during the specialist training. It may comprise a single 4- to 6-week elective or a series of shorter periods of elective training.

  1. Agree, organise and complete a period of education and training that provides a wider experience of healthcare and/or the practice of healthcare science, and aligns with Good Scientific Practice.
  2. Critically reflect on your experience in your elective and develop an action plan as part of your continuing personal and professional development.
  3. Prepare a presentation and present your elective experiences to colleagues, including trainee healthcare scientists.
Number Work-based learning outcome Title Knowledge
1 1

Produce learning outcomes for the elective training period and link these to Good Scientific Practice.

2 2

Write a report of your elective training that includes your learning outcomes (mapped to Good Scientific Practice), a critical reflection on your experience and an action plan.

3 3

Plan, prepare and deliver an oral presentation that describes and reflects on the learning from your elective and shows how your experience will shape your future practice.

This module has no work-based assessments.
This module has no academic component, it will be covered as part of your work-based training.