Module - Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Histology (Competency 1)

Competency information

Receive, label and store of a wide range of histopathology specimens.

Knowledge and skills you might demonstrate

  • Minimum data set required for identification of samples and the importance of ensuring that this is complete and correct.
  • Factors affecting sample integrity and appropriate corrective action.
  • Procedures for handling samples which may contain category 2, 3 and 4 pathogens.
  • Types and implications of hazards and risks associated with handling of specimens and relevant control measures.
  • The quality management process that ensures the correct location and storage of documentation and specimens at each stage of the process.
  • Legal and ethical considerations and requirements in respect of examination of tissue, selection of control material and disposal of specimens.
  • Infection risk from blood samples and how to deal with fresh tissue samples.
  • Safe laboratory practices, including principles of decontamination of equipment and work areas.
  • Specimen acquisition, viability, collection and delivery, including renal biopsies and bullous skin diseases.
  • Quality assurance procedures and their application.
  • Local and national health and safety policies and procedures and their application.
  • The range of imaging procedures available and their use, including storage of images.
  • Correct and safe use of imaging equipment and processing of X- rays or photographic films if required.
  • The dissection of FRCPath category A, B and C specimens.
  • Principles and practice of fixation.