Module - Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Histology (Competency 10)

Competency information

Produce a basic interpretative report on histopathology investigations.

Knowledge and skills you might demonstrate

  • The components required for a histopathology report and their relevance to patient care.
  • The information to be included in an interpretative report.
  • How to construct an interpretative report and the format required for presentation.
  • Limits of responsibility in the authorisation and issue of interpretative reports.
  • Clinical conditions that may require urgent action and how to instigate such action.
  • Normal and abnormal results and their significance to the clinical question or condition.
  • Relevance and importance of specificity, sensitivity, accuracy, precision and linearity in the evaluation of analytical methods.
  • The range of further investigations that may be required, their purpose, capabilities and limitations.