Module - Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Histology (Competency 2)

Competency information

Prepare and use a microtome on a range of tissue samples within different embedding materials.

Knowledge and skills you might demonstrate

  • Principles of specimen dissection and block selection.
  • Tissue processing and embedding techniques.
  • Decalcification.
  • Microtomy, cryotomy.
  • Macrophotography.
  • Normal cellular morphology and ultrastructure of specified tissues and organ systems, including skin, building on basic anatomy and physiology.
  • Basic principles of tissue preparation techniques, including factors affecting selection and their application.
  • Factors that influence the quality and integrity of prepared specimens.
  • The principles of specimen dissection and manipulation to expose features of interest.
  • Basic principles of demonstration techniques and their rationale and hazards.