Module - Genetics Genomics and Molecular Science (Competency 3)

Competency information

Critically reflect on referral patterns for genetic investigation following standard laboratory practices including sample receipt.

Knowledge and skills you might demonstrate

  • Minimum data set required for identification of samples and the importance of ensuring that this is complete, correct and appropriate.
  • Factors affecting sample integrity and appropriate corrective action.
  • Procedures for handling samples which may contain category 2, 3, and 4 pathogens.
  • Use of laboratory and hospital information systems to identify and record patient demographics, clinical details and relevant laboratory results.
  • The importance of maintaining correct and unique labelling, including transfer of labels throughout the preparation.
  • Process documentation relevant to sample preparation and its importance.
  • Retention policy for diagnostic materials and records of analysis.
  • Ethical guidelines for testing and storage of diagnostic materials.
  • Common reasons for referral of genetic investigations.
  • Factors to be considered to determine which processing pipeline is the most appropriate in order to generate a robust result for the patients.